Our Focus

We pride ourselves on providing business applications that improve a corporate client’s control over complex business processes, as well as providing secure, auditable, transactions that are tightly integrated. As an accounting software consulting company, we aim to find and develop a solution that will meet our clients' accounting needs.

We provide software solutions from two companies: Microsoft, Inc. and Acumatica. The products we sell are:

Whilst our primary focus is on servicing clients in Gauteng, we do service clients in Southern Africa, as well as elsewhere in Africa and globally.

In The News

It is an inevitability that despite upgrades and constant development, many enterprise systems will age and eventually become obsolete. The potentially multimillion-rand question for the organisations that depend on such systems is whether or not they should be replaced. Or rather, says Ronald Laxton, MD of Computer Initiatives, the question is when they should be replaced. “Probably the most important consideration for executives faced with this issue is the necessity to separate the decision to change from that of deciding when to migrate,” says Laxton. It's something he says has become apparent in his quarter-century experience in the industry. He explains why. “Deciding that it is time to move off the existing system should have little to do with the choice of its replacement.” The reason is quite simple. “At issue at this juncture is a really quite simple evaluation: is the existing application no longer suitable? If the answer is 'yes', then replacements can be sought.” When evaluating the existing system, he says key issues to consider include its ability to support the business operations and strategy. “The system may be acting as a constraint, perhaps as a limitation of the underlying technology,” he notes; for example, many DOS-based accounting systems prevented companies from performing functions now considered the norm. Automatic production and e-mailing of PDF invoices and statements was not possible. Companies using such systems were limited to cumbersome paper and fax-based solutions, resulting in unnecessary costs and processing time. “More recently, integration and workflow technology have evolved significantly. Many older systems cannot provide for integrated business processes, requiring external systems which add complexity and which reduce efficiency,” Laxton adds. Once it is established that a shiny new ERP solution is the way forward, he says a new set of challenges is presented. “Evaluating alternatives is a difficult, high-stakes responsibility. It starts with clarifying requirements; experience has proven that those companies which know what they want, with a well-defined and clearly prioritised list of requirements, tend to have higher satisfaction from their deployment than those that figure things out as they go.” He says a proven approach is to identify what he calls 'the CBIs'. “That's the critical business issues, and by that, we mean 'what makes a company tick? How does it create value? What are the key measures that need to be monitored or controlled?'” If a system under evaluation doesn't clearly address the CBIs, the action to take is quite simple. “It should not be investigated further,” Laxton states; it's a useful filter because he says it is quickly applied and narrows down the number of systems to be considered. Of importance too, he continues, is the necessity to clarify the decision-making criteria. “Making decisions is easier with a structured approach.” While there...

About Us

Our company slogan, “complex problems, simple solutions”, epitomises what Computer Initiatives is about: however complicated a customer’s business issues may be, we shall find the simplest and most effective solution to resolve their problems.

Established in 1987 as a general computer solutions provider, Computer Initiatives is now a specialist provider of accounting system solutions, providing support and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Computer Initiatives has been a qualified implementer of Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains) since 1994. The recent addition of Acumatica, a cloud-based ERP and CRM (customer relationship management) solution means we are able to offer a more comprehensive range of mid-market ERP solutions.